Present-Day Witchcraft: Seven Stories About Witches — Discover

Emily Perper compiles seven longreads about the modern rituals of witchcraft and how they inform our past. I’m in no way immune to the lure of the witchy, and honestly, I don’t want to resist. I bought a small piece of sunstone from my local metaphysical shop, because I read that sunstone encourages mental clarity. When I arrived … Continue reading Present-Day Witchcraft: Seven Stories About Witches — Discover



Treating marijuana use as a crime has not only failed, it has perpetuated racial inequities through unequal enforcement. Parents and young adults in underserved communities are saddled with criminal records that raise barriers to employment. Entry into criminal justice system due to minor violations is an accent gateway to poverty. This is not an appropriate response to a public health issue. Thus, we cannot say legalization of cannabis for recreational use is worse disease.

“They always asked that question; a subtle reminder that she was not one of them.”Naomi Sepiso, a Kenyan-Zambian immigrant living in Australia, explores identity and belonging. via “So where are you from?” — Discover