We Are Not Spineless Stooges!

May Day Call to Action – NOT Business as Usual


These authors counter dominant narratives that attempt to label or mislabel their experiences and worth. Institutional forces often gargantuan in their reach and influence to subjugate or pacify. In this anthology, however, readers will find narratives that reclaim and recast both a reality and future forged on their own terms. In the end, if we believe that humanity’s greatest wisdom has been transported and preserved via the ancient tradition of storytelling, looking forward, it is the indomitable truthSayers that will continue to save us from ourselves examples of such found in these pages. These narratives exemplify the healing that occurs when the courageous work of introspection confronts the merciless blank page and emerges victorious.

Sources:  https://www.amazon.com/Reclaiming-Our-Stories-Narratives-Empowerment


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