The Stand With Students Photo Project: AFT May Day 2017: Social Media Involvement

Take a set at the Table
Our immigrant students, teachers, staff and administrators have been subjected to scapegoating and prejudice within the political arena, which creates a working and studying environment where members of our college communities may feel alienated, unwelcome, and unsafe.
In reaction we need to stand together to show the character of our community. 
The strength of our solidarity and unity as workers rests on the understanding we have for and about each others’ struggles.


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in support for our immigrant students, teachers, staff and administrators!”

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“A contested deportation proceeding is in essence a quest for the truth, immigration Court and should not cease to be impartial merely because in its quest for truth it perceives avenues of unexplored inquiry brought forth by Respondents who seeks to clarify record by calling attention of Immigration Court to certain areas of inquiry not yet developed. Immigration Courts in deciding to rest on the original record, without seeking further significant likelihood of removal in the reasonably foreseeable future its “leading back to an absurdity”. Lazarus  Archison

Sources:  Jim Mahler <>

Mona Alsoraimi-Espiritu
Assistant Professor, English 
High School Coordinator
San Diego City College 
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