SD Chinese Historic Museum: Unfinished Story








Source: SD Chinese Historic Museum: Unfinished Story


SD Chinese Historic Museum: Unfinished Story







Fanning his face with Chinese sandalwood fan teenage boy told me that he was a volunteer and only been at the place for two weeks”., as a hot warning breeze embraces me and piercing look of Donnie Yen in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, I knew what the boy was telling me at that moment, “don’t border me and “N” don’t even think about it!” so I was on my own and my visit was short and brief.

Meet with suspicion that reminded me of ongoing issues of race and stereotypes discussed in my history class, including very own Chinese history under Scott Act of 1882 i was astonished. Nonetheless, I thought to myself that in a formation of the museum that is modeled to narrate- Chinese history in California and rationales to build their own system of procuring jobs, from inception one expect to see more details [in spite of vital role Chinese played in developing American west coast to prosperity through fishing industries, railroad and building of Del Coronado Hotel] of how the State and federal acts were significant part of a vicious, violent, brutal, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing against Chinese migrants

Borrowing from the words of Tom Hom’s “Most people see things as they are… An artist sees things as they should be or could be!” Unfortunately the narrative that the museum attempt to relay is not as it should be; therefore, San Diego Chinese Museum its unfinished story.

Your visit to the Museum will help to finish writing this fascinating story.

Lazarus Archison T.

“War for the Plant of Apes” Reminder of Humanity’s Worse Attributes.

Contrary to War for the Planet of the Apes best human attributes, we have locally a Concentration Camp similar to that in the movie right here in our backyard.  Ample brutality inflicted towards Immigrants in Core Civics Detention Center including those who with direct appeals pending in criminal courts’ and served this country honorably  shook the conscious.  In a movie we seen more of formations of our colonies around 17th century and remnants of plantations daily routine. The most compelling dynamics to stories of plantations is Mr Johnson’s “donkeys.”

Nonetheless, this film is critical both for in immigrant’s journey through hardship and political struggles against the exploitation and makes a persuasive case of immigrants’ unusual hardships and exploitation’s that shook the conscious. As today in our current situation as immigrants, the impressions of  exploitation’s akin to those in a move “War of Apes” are further drove by our immigration domestic and foreign policies. David Bacon Article “How US Policies Fueled Mexico’s Great Migration” detail how this exploitation from inception are a product of the interest of globalization. This article further shows how hog farmers had to follow their jobs that they lost in Veracruz when Smithfield flooded the Mexican markets with their products and disenfranchise 4,000 farmers with 120,000 lost in jobs. These migrations and exploitation cannot be said are voluntary choice by immigrants as US policies themselves created these conditions. In many industries, a rule of thumb is’ you follow the job, similarly Mexican farm, poultry, etc… workers had to follow sectors of employment.

Administration policies that call for crack downs makes many migrant workers afraid to come forward even when they are cheated of wages. Scaling back on regulations by Trump administration means less OSHA and more cutting corners in industries that employed undocumented workers. With such policies, as here the US employers have incentives to hire undocumented immigrants because there more afraid to assent their workplace rights or file a complains that might bring them into attention of authorities. To fight this exploitation demand pricking the cracks in our foreign and immigration policies. Subsequently, we cannot agree with the nuance view that the dynamics of this exploitation are matter of individual choice or walk like we have broom sticks stuck in our rear end accusing Latinos of taking our jobs when their presence here is due to our foreign policies such as NAFTA.  In Sum like Caesar we need to understood that neither social condition’s nor social policy can change for the better unless presses from below.

Credits:”War for the Planet of the Apes” (Courtesy photo | 20th Century Fox)

Horn is Now 17-0-1

5568Horn wins over Manny Pacquiao by anonumous decison. After an entertaining match up, Horn challenge Floyd Maywhether and open for remarch with Pacquiao as more people thinks that Pacquiao should had won this fight. For more news on controversial decision and this fight follow this link. More on Horn fight