Prohibited Content

Pornography, adult content, and obscenity:
Although most things can be sold on TextbooksEtrade, certain items aren’t allowed. Some present legal risks or may pose health and safety issues to others. Additionally, we’ve chosen not to allow items that we feel are inappropriate for our community, including those that could be considered offensive.
Before posting, please read the Prohibited Items list below to ensure that your items are OK to post.

 i. Adult & Mature Content
iii. Intangible Items
iv. Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco
v. Animals & Animal Products
vi. Counterfeit and Replica Items
vii. Dangerous Items
viii. Food Items
ix. Gift Cards
x. Illegal Items or Encouraging Illegal Activity
xi. Medical & Healthcare Items

Pornography, adult content, and obscenity:

Pornography, Nudity, and Sexually Explicit Material: Adult or explicit material depicting illegal acts or deemed to be exploitative shall be blocked or removed from the Website. See below for details regarding TextbooksEtrade standards. If Your content contains appropriate adult or explicit material, please flag the eBook as containing mature content as a courtesy to other Users, so that they will have the choice whether to view this content. You can do this either in the metadata by providing accurate age ranges and subject codes, or by selecting the appropriate content classification in TextbooksEtrade Writing Life. We reserve the right to put such mature content behind an interstitial.
Pedophilia, Incest, Bestiality, Exploitation and Sexual Violence or Force: Users may not publish written, image, audio or video content that promotes pedophilia, incest, bestiality, or sexual violence or force.

Commercial Pornography: We do not allow content that exists for the primary purpose of monetizing pornographic content or driving traffic to a monetized pornography site.
Child Pornography: TextbooksEtrade has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography, and We will terminate and report to the appropriate authorities any User who publishes or distributes child pornography, or who promotes material that is or purports to be child pornography.
Hateful content: Users may not publish material that promotes hate toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity.
Violent content: Users may not publish direct threats of violence against any person or group of people. We also ask Users not to publish content that contains graphic violence. Users may not publish instructional material regarding the creation of weapons of mass destruction.

Private and Confidential Information: We do not allow the unauthorized publishing of people’s private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, social insurance numbers, driver’s and other license numbers, and other personal information that is not publicly accessible.
Impersonation: We do not allow impersonation of others through the TextbooksEtrade Service in a manner that is intended to or does mislead or confuse others.
Unauthorized commercial activity: You may use the TextbooksEtrade Service to create articles for Your business or to promote Your lawful products or services that are not otherwise prohibited by Our Content Policy or Terms and Conditions of Use. There are some commercial uses We don’t allow. We don’t allow pages that have the primary purpose of redirecting visitors, acting as a bridge page, or driving traffic to another website. We also don’t allow content that has the primary purpose of profiting from displaying ads from any publisher network, such as pages created with little or no unique content that exist only to display ads.
Unlawful use of TextbooksEtrade Service: Our TextbooksEtrade Service cannot be used for unlawful purposes or for promotion of dangerous and illegal activities. Your account may be terminated and You may be reported to the appropriate authorities.