Use of Force: New Legal Standard in California

In view of California Act to Save Lives,outlined criteria in PC 196 will no longer prevent our officers from being charged with manslaughter under PC Section 192.


Letters of Law and Ethical Implication of Social Media

If you believe because you do not use Facebook or Twitter you are not involved in social media, you are wrong. Like mama told you: “think before you lip”  in the world of geolocations, geotagging, triangulation and EXIF before you type, post or comment, think twice just like MAMA told you; "think before you lip"

2019 MLK Jr. Parade Invitation

Every year Miramar College participates with the other Colleges in the San Diego Community College District in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade held in San Diego. This year’s event takes place on Sunday, January 20, 2019, from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm on Harbor Drive/Embarcadero. We would like to invite you and members of … Continue reading 2019 MLK Jr. Parade Invitation