So Say The Anthem..

Almost no one seems to be aware that even if the U.S. were a perfect country today, it would be bizarre to expect American players to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Why? Because it literally celebrates the murder of African-Americans. Few people know this because we only ever sing the first verse. But read the … Continue reading So Say The Anthem..


“They always asked that question; a subtle reminder that she was not one of them.”Naomi Sepiso, a Kenyan-Zambian immigrant living in Australia, explores identity and belonging. via “So where are you from?” — Discover

Community Recap: Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5K — News

From September 19 to September 26, we invited members of the WordPress community to join us in one of our favorite yearly traditions: the Automattic Worldwide WordPress 5K (open to runners, walkers, cyclists, and hikers — and any other type of ambulation). Here are some of the stories and photos people shared from their corner… via … Continue reading Community Recap: Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5K — News