“What do I Stand to lose?”

omarosaI had to agree, that ego never taught itself self-discipline, My “neighbors” whom happens to be “adults” hacked my WiFi, froze my website, and fried my system  without remorse or consideration whether or not if I lose all of my college projects. I thought; “it was bad enough to pursue to live peacefully in liberty.
However, 2016 Presidential Elections displayed equally a deep-rooted clandestine thoughts of a broader picture of my neighbors and Trump supporters towards migrates, characterized by lack of respect and embrace of diversity thereof.

While my “neighbors” still devise more methods towards’ achieving “their ill objectives,”  Between self-destruct, and thoughts of Hugh Hefner’s future visits to White House, I can only ask Omarosa to Scrape Me with Boogie Beat as my prefer  ideal method of Confucianism,  and as a Christian please pray with me that this victories wont’ be mischief that will invite misfortunes.