RAISE Act: Exploitation in Ski Mask for American Skilled Workers.

Source: RAISE Act: Exploitation in Ski Mask for American Skilled Workers.


RAISE Act: Exploitation in Ski Mask for American Skilled Workers.


We think America in terms of champion of democracy, liberty, equal treatment and opportunities.  For immigrants who don’t have European characteristics or that of a Caucasian, Trumps new RAISE Act policy is a wrap of old fish in a piece of paper that still going to stink. Immigration and globalization policies such as NAFTA are written to give United States employers a latitude to exploit immigrants.  This exploitation is well demonstrated in a 2000 film Bread and Butter directed by Ken Loach. As here RAISE Act bill eliminates the diversity visa program, which awards 50,000 visas every year based on a lottery. It cuts so-called “chain immigration,” in which immigrants can sponsor their family members to come to the United States. It caps the number of refugees admitted to the United States every year at 50,000. And it creates a point system in which visa applicants are scored based on “predictors of immigrant success,” like their ability to speak English and their education level. Meaning the bill not only its racist in its inception but a chameleon that will change as it slips through legislation’s to affect American Skilled workers to compete with foreign cheap labors on H-2A Visas.

Prime example consequently is President himself, accordingly to his winery, private clubs in Florida including Mar-A-Lago Resort reportedly asked to hire 29 workers through the federal H-2A visa program. The winery, located near Charlottesville, had originally intended to hire six foreign workers in December, but applied for 23 more this year. (Seipel) . According to New York Times Feb. 25, 2017 article by Charles V. titled “Donald Trump to Foreign Workers for Florida Club: You’re Hired  the President has also pursued more than 500 visas for foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago since 2010 most from Romania while per US Department of labor hundreds of American applicants failed to get the same jobs.

In an article by Roger Waldinger; Helots No More, a union organizer explain that the immigrants would work for lower wages and quoted as saying….” I think ‘cheap’ was less of a question as sort of ‘cheap’ in addition to “controllable”. The pattern of RAISE Act has well been demonstrated in a film Bread and Roses, the debates in storage room and at home shows that these janitors were not naïve but politically informed. However, the conflicting demands between family security and unionization was detected by fear of getting fired. A scene when unsympathetic Perez fired Teresa who she been working there for 17 yrs. just for been late, shows how fear and control is been asserted against these workers, moreover emphasis of this fear is well demonstrated by Rosa’s negative approach towards union. Administration policies that call for crack downs makes many migrant workers afraid to come forward even when they are cheated of wages. Scaling back on regulations by Trump administration means less OSHA and more cutting corners in industries that employed undocumented workers. Beware as the impressions of this exploitation are now aimed at American skilled workers through RAISE ACT.

With such policies as here, the US employers in 1% brackets have incentives to hire undocumented immigrants and H-2A visas who will be in the whips of their exploiters because there are more afraid to assent their workplace rights or file a complains that might bring them into attention of authorities. To emphasis, Antonio Vanegas, a Guatemala native successfully filed and recoup back pay from his employer, a pita shop in D.C. and his was later detained by immigration”. (Dave Jamieson). We can cite a case of Mi Pueblo Supermarket chain in Bay area, “this chain announced that it will use E-Verify after its employees tried to organize union”. (Eunice Cho). Moreover, immigrant exploitation is built into our federal welfare codes like 1996 Welfare Reform, which deny benefits to undocumented immigrants. The immigration law also denies accompanying spouse to migrate with on guest visas. These provisions kept immigrant’s away from public assistance and turn them into super-exploitable, low wages workforce regardless of wages and working conditions. “Flooding the low-wages markets increases the number of people competing for jobs”. (Hoffer) This makes it easier for employers to pay less and harder for the union to organize. David Bacon Article How US Policies Fueled Mexico’s Great Migration detail how this exploitation from inception are product of the interest of globalization by big Cooperation. Moreover, this article further shows how hog farmers had to follow their jobs that they lost in Veracruz when Smithfield flooded the Mexican markets with their products and disenfranchise 4,000 farmers with 120,000 lost in jobs. These migrations and exploitation cannot be said are voluntary choice by immigrants as US policies themselves created these conditions. In many industries, a rule of thumb is’ you follow the job, similarly Mexican farm, poultry, etc… workers had to follow sectors of employment. Subsequently, we cannot agree with the nuance view that the dynamics of this exploitation are matter of individual choice or walk like we have broom sticks stuck in our rear end accusing Latinos of taking our jobs when their presence here is due to our foreign policies such as NAFTA and RAISE ACT. Trump RAISE Act its written to follow a suite of H-1B to which US computer programmers and other tech workers complain that companies use workers from Asia to undercut Americans — going so far as to lay off U.S. workers and forcing them to train their foreign replacements who are hired for far less pay. (Stephen Dinan).

All in all, to fight this exploitation demand pricking the cracks in our foreign and immigration policies. Neither social condition’s nor social policy can change for the better unless presses from below. We need to take notice of 1912 textile strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts or Justice for Janitors Campaign in 1990 and understand the power that the workers possess, and start subverting the system that oppress us. As the President failing American People, as constituency were are fired, so what not do for the Boy Scott billionaire club? Raise Act mirrors policies that led to employment issues faced by over flooded low paying jobs industries. Beware, these  many ways to kill a cat than pour it with a cream or shook it with a butter. As here, if outsourcing is not enough, Raise Act is a chameleon that is ready to change color into a legalized discrimination against U.S. skilled workers.


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Lesson’s from The Bush Era Reflects on What has to Come of Trump Administration Lies

Our inner voice of reason has been extinguished and intuitively remote controlled. In both dystopian and utopian societies once ideas are imprinted in our brains and opinions formed, we become like horses with blinkers. Before the invasion of Iraq without substantiated evidence Collin Powell presented a case that Iraq had weapon of mass distractions. As here, fabrication of propaganda was used by those who exert power by distorting the historical development leading to the war and alter records to stomp out any contrary view from the one formulated by the Bush Administration coupled with ensuring absolute control over public opinion. With the aftermath of September 11 our nation was still in grief and vulnerable. In this setting, the public is emasculated and the administration preyed on our emotion and stopped at nothing to justify the means. Without factual knowledge, we bought into distorted public opinion that Iraq has weapon of mass destruction and waged our patriotic support for the invasion. Subsequently even after Powell reffed to his United Nation presentation about Iraqi’s weapon of mass destruction “as a lowest point in his life”, we still ignore the correction but rather maintain a sentiment by putting lipstick on a pig that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons, and yet today most Bush supporters still claim that WMD were hiding or moved before the invasion.    

In a movie 1984, we observed people of Oceania seeing posters and television screens of “Big Brother” face announcing that they were at war with Eurasia and winning instead of Eastasia, as much as this information was misleading, people of Oceania they believed that to be true.  In comparisons, the Bush Administration at the time leading to war in Iraq they used mass media as effective tool to control people thoughts ensuring absolute control over public opinion. The belief was refined in a media by repeatedly uttering “Iraq,” “9/11” and “war on terror” in the same breath. (Paul R.Pillar). This propaganda was so successful that the public took on a rule of passive individuals and not able to think critically, merely following a believe that Saddam Hussein not only has alliance with al-Qaeda but also had been directly involved in the 9/11 attack.  According to Paul R. Pillar article The Iraq War and the Power of Propaganda the Bush campaign was “testimony to what a determined use of the opinion-molding capabilities of the government of the day, including the bully pulpit of the presidency”. (Paul R.Pillar)”  Wilson job in a movie 1984 was to manipulate documents and photographs to ensure that history shows Oceania “Big Brother” government in a positive light. As much as Wilson knew this information was misleading, he still bought into mindset that people of Oceania we well off and cared for by the government. In comparisons to Wilson is Condellesa Rice when she had foreknowledge a year before invasion of Iraq that anonymous government nuclear expert had seriously doubted that the tubes on satellite photographs were for nuclear weapons (Benen). To make a case for war in Iraq, Condellesa Rice went on to promote version of the story by choosing interpretation favorable to the Bush administrations. With Rice trademark line: “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud” without substantiated evidence the American public and United Nation took her statements as true. At this juncture, we were convinced and hooked by perceived truth.


Furthermore, with aftershock of September 11, the Bush Administration preyed on our emotion and stopped at nothing to justify the means going to war. In an article that we discussed in class Trump’s Lies vs. Your Brain the author writes “Lies are exhausting to fight, pernicious in their effects and perhaps worst of all, almost impossible to correct… .and that when we are overwhelmed with false information our brains are particularly ill-equipped to deal with lies particularly when they come not singly but in a constant stream.” (Konnikova). As WMD’s lies hit our brains in a constant stream, we bought into the Bush Administration authoritative claims and seen invasion of Iraq as a necessary response to avert emergence of terrorist threat in the Middle East. In an article; Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds the author writes about confirmation bias and emphasize that people have tendency to embrace information that supports their beliefs and reject information that contradicts them. (Kolbert). For instance, after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the belief that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction before the invasion was closely associated with support for President Bush (Kull). As here we tend to avoid assault on our identity and evaluate misperceptions of WMD’s by reinforcing such information with a directional bias. Yet, after Colin Powell correction, Republicans as they align themselves with the Bush Administration didn’t change their minds to conform with the truth. Accordingly, they ignored the correction but rather maintain a sentiment by putting lipstick on a pig that Iraq might had move its nuclear weapons. Thielmann, who headed the office of Strategic, Proliferation, and Military Affairs in the INR until September 2002 when ask about accuracy of the information his own intelligence bureau had developed and Powell awareness of  truth omission, he replied : I can only assume that he was doing it to loyally support the president of the United States and build the strongest possible case for arguing that there was no alternative to the use of military force. (Schwarz, Jonathan).


After all, armed with preserved truth of alleged alliance between Saddam Hussain and Al Qaeda, our nation further agreed with the Bush Administration that there is the need to step-up efforts to enhance the country’s intelligence-gathering capabilities subsequently modeling 1984 Oceania where citizens are never sure whether they are being watched. To Emphasis, in 2013 a $52.6 billion budget— was brought to light last year when the Washington Post obtained a “black budget” report from Snowden, detailing the bureaucratic and operational landscape of the 16 spy agencies and that the National Security Agency alone has annually scooped up as many as 56,000 emails and other communications by Americans with no connection to terrorism. (Godon). In contrast to 1994 movie, not only that we see “Big Brother” government oversight and web surveillance but also a formation of dystopia characteristics where we are surrounded by the Thought Police. With patriotism imprint to our brain, our understanding of the effect of information on issue opinions going to war were stained. Afterwards, the Bush Administration could effectively control the public opinion through uncertainty widespread symbols of Big Brother watchful face. Our inner voice of reason was extinguished and intuitively remote controlled. Henceforth We didn’t have to be physically in Abu Ghraib prison Baghdad or undergo Room 101 O’Brien “Big Brother” series of torturous interrogations against Winston, instead our grief of September 11 became potent weapon for the Bush Administration to oppressed our minds. Our backbones were broken as we orderly behaved obediently, in a process we let go our privacy and unquestionably echo with senses of patriotism henceforth afraid to hold contrary views. With lies developing into preserved truth and ideological preferences that aligned with the Bush Administration we became victims of circles of certainties within which reality is imprisoned. Consequently, once ideas are imprinted in our brains and opinions formed, like Wilson I had to agree we added 2+2 to equal 5, we swallowed our opinions and gave up political process of check and balances that could had demanded substantiated evidence and questioned lies used to push for war.


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SD Chinese Historic Museum: Unfinished Story







Fanning his face with Chinese sandalwood fan teenage boy told me that he was a volunteer and only been at the place for two weeks”., as a hot warning breeze embraces me and piercing look of Donnie Yen in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, I knew what the boy was telling me at that moment, “don’t border me and “N” don’t even think about it!” so I was on my own and my visit was short and brief.

Meet with suspicion that reminded me of ongoing issues of race and stereotypes discussed in my history class, including very own Chinese history under Scott Act of 1882 i was astonished. Nonetheless, I thought to myself that in a formation of the museum that is modeled to narrate- Chinese history in California and rationales to build their own system of procuring jobs, from inception one expect to see more details [in spite of vital role Chinese played in developing American west coast to prosperity through fishing industries, railroad and building of Del Coronado Hotel] of how the State and federal acts were significant part of a vicious, violent, brutal, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing against Chinese migrants

Borrowing from the words of Tom Hom’s “Most people see things as they are… An artist sees things as they should be or could be!” Unfortunately the narrative that the museum attempt to relay is not as it should be; therefore, San Diego Chinese Museum its unfinished story.

Your visit to the Museum will help to finish writing this fascinating story.

Lazarus Archison T.